Ducting & Associated Steel Structure

SAC has a large enough workshop floor area to fabricate and assemble large sized rectangular and round ducting for major industrial plants such as power plant, i.e. main flue gas outlet duct for a 794MW boiler plant. SAC also has the capacity and capability to fabricate the associated support steel structure for the various types and sizes of ducting. SAC provides custom designed expansion joints in duct work and fabricated duct work assemblies. The assemblies may include fabricated elbows, tees, and straight sections of duct work, in carbon steel or stainless steel, and in diameters of 42" or larger. The duct sections can include fabric or metallic expansion joints and can be rectangular or round. SAC can also provide specialized pipe supports and spring hangers for large diameter duct work. Additionally, we offer complete pipe stress analysis of your duct systems using CAESAR II software.

• Generally made from stainless steel or carbon steel

• May include fabric or metallic expansion joints

• Can be round or rectangular

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